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Event 121: Hamadryad Park

Volunteers from Cardiff Rivers Group were treated to a beautifully sunny winter’s morning on Saturday, 30 January — all the better to see the quite incredible amount of litter that washes up on the shores of Hamadryad Park.

E121 - Sunny day

A grand total of 80 bags of rubbish were collected, plus assorted plastic buckets and containers, numerous footballs, and a used cylinder of “balloon gas” .

E121 - Rubbish Shore

As a reward for all the hard work, a group of volunteers enjoyed a pint at nearby Grange Catholics Club.

As a bonus, they also feasted on a genuine (and really delicious) Bolo Rei  — “King’s Cake” — brought all the way from Portugal by Ana Gonçalves of the The Ageless City project, who was a special guest at the Hamadryad Park event.

E121 - Cake

The Ageless City is a project aimed at bringing together younger and senior residents of culturally and ethnically diverse neighbourhoods in two European cities — Mouraria in Lisbon, Portugal, and Butetown in Cardiff — to reflect on ways to improve the appropriation of urban spaces and the preservation of the city’s cultural heritage.  Cardiff Rivers Group is very happy to be a partner in the project!

Watch Ana explain more in this short video:

(The Ageless City is funded by the European Cultural Foundation.)