Mates Rates

The following businesses have very kindly agreed to offer “their best rates” or “a discount”  to CRG volunteers.

Important: please see the disclaimer.

Building Work

Joe Arch — 07970 727403

Car Mechanic

Martyn (Celtic MOT Ltd) — 02920 482949


Bob Jones (RA Jones Electrical) — 07808 815752


Joe Arch — 07970 727403


Anthony Wilby — 07788 286086

Logs (Kiln-dryed)

Dave Marchant (Coedcae Services) — 07912 936359


Chris Williams — 07730 511916

Tree Surgery

Dave Marchant (Coedcae Services) — 07912 936359


John Govier — 07792 660157


Cardiff Rivers Group (CRG) is not a party to any arrangement or contract made between any of the businesses listed and their customers. CRG provides no warranty of any kind, express or implied, with regard to the businesses listed and disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for any products or services they may provide.

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