Llandaff clean up March 5 2011

Cardiff Rivers Group enjoyed a lovely spring day yesterday as they returned to Llandaff to clean-up the River Taff. 
The weather boosted numbers as 28 volunteers (including 7 new recruits) spent over 2 hours collecting 56 bags of rubbish, traffic cones, pallets, trolley, road signs, 2 motorbikes, car and lorry tyres and various other waste from the banks of the Taff. They even managed to sort 11 bags of recyclable materials (cans and plastic bottles) for collection by Cardiff County Council. Photos can be seen here
Group Officer Louise Tambini, said, “It was great to see so many volunteers here today and I am particularly pleased that we continue to have so many new recruits! Together we made a vast difference to this popular route”
Group Member Cath Leggett said, “Today, not only did we clean the river and its banks, but also the riverside footpaths and areas around Llandaff Cathedral. What was quite upsetting was the amount of dog waste we found, and particularly the waste that had been bagged and then discarded. I am amazed that people go to the trouble to bag waste and then dump it! I would like to make a plea to dog walkers who enjoy this path to bag their dog waste and then dispose of it responsibly in future”. 

We hope everyone enjoys using this newly spruced up bit of our river.
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