Cardiff Rivers Group NOT cleaning up river shock!

In a change from normal practice CRG spent the day having fun on a river instead of fishing out rusty shopping trolleys. Eighteen volunteers travelled up to Symonds Yat on the Wye River and spent the afternoon leisurely canoeing nine miles along the river. Such is their dedication to maintaining the required fitness levels for the clean-ups, they only stopped at one pub along the way. It is merely coincidental that there only happens to be one pub along the way.

The hardier half of the group camped out for the night – the sensible half of the group went home to a roof and a nice warm bed. Super injunctions unfortunately prevent any details emerging about what actually happened in the campsite.

Big thanks from all in the group to Hugh and Lou for organising.

Photos from the day come courtesy of official photographer Nige –

Fun on the river for all – now back to cleaning them…

The next clean up is scheduled for Sunday June 26, 9:45am at Ferry Court in Cardiff Bay (next to Morrisons).

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