Cardiff Rivers Group enjoyed a glorious sunny day on Saturday as they cleaned the river Taff in Radyr.  
21 volunteers (including 9 new recruits) spent 3 hours searching for, and then collecting rubbish from the banks and bed of the river.  Together they collected 21 bags of litter, tyres, a moped, 3 trollies, a beer barrel, 3 wheels, a spray of artificial roses, pair of trousers and even cinderella’s lost slipper!  Perhaps the most unusual find was a horse’s jaw bone!
Group Member, Louise Tambini said, “The volunteers worked extremely hard as they had to look hard for rubbish today. At first glance the area looked very clean indeed, but that did not deter our experienced team; they ventured deep into the Japanese Knotweed, waded out into the river and even went digging until they found rubbish -they are like litter bloodhounds!”.   
One team even crossed the river to tackle the banks on the other side, immediately behind the station. They managed to collect 9 bags full of cans and bottles that had been carelessly thrown down the banking by people using the station. They were sorted for recycling. Cardiff Council will dispose of all collected waste.

Reports that a Prince named Charming was seen looking upset and agitated on the Radyr – Cardiff Central train have as yet not been confirmed.

Photos can be viewed here
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