What CRG have done this year

At the recent AGM, some of the figures of what CRG achieved this year were presented. For those unable to attend, here are some of the highlight figures covering the past year:

CRG held 21 events – attended by 377 volunteers. This is around 800 hours work undertaken by the group.

During this we collected around 380 sacks of rubbish, and 50 sacks of recycling.

We removed 40 trollies, 4 motorbikes, numerous pedal bikes, and around 12.5 tonnes of general scrap – including the ubiquitous traffic cones, barriers, doors, machine parts etc etc etc…

We covered the length of the Taff from the Bay to the M4 and also made a few excursions to the Ely and Rhymney rivers.

We also tackled the invasive Himalayan Balsam and have made a massive difference to the Bute Feeder near Cardiff Castle.

We were shortlisted for a Tidy Wales award.

We did all this generally with a smile, a laugh and skip in our (wellied) step – unless they were too embedded in the mud to move. We are now all a lot fitter.

We’ve made a difference folks, and its something that everyone involved with the group should be justifiably proud of.

GOOD WORK GUYS! Lets keep it up – there’s always another trolly out there waiting…

What’s your favourite find from this last year? Please add it below –  

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