Bute Park Feeder starved of rubbish (see what I did there)

The intrepid and fearless Cardiff Rivers Group returned to clean up the area of the Bute Park Feeder by Cardiff Castle on September 17.
About 20 volunteers, including some keen newbies, braved the slightly inclement weather/torrential downpour to clear another few tonnes of rubbish that had built up in the water and surrounding areas.

CRG had the inaugural launch of its brand new dinghy to help clear stuff from the deeper areas. The dinghy is not so new and shiny now. Luckily a bottle of wine, plus four cans of lager were on hand to launch our new ship – how long they had been in the water is anyones guess. Judging by the taste we think a couple of years…

The brave souls in waders not only had to compete with wading through two foot or so of water but also sinking a further foot down in the soft silt on the bed. Scared? Not a chance – the hardy wader folk are made of sterner stuff.

Photos of a bunch of very wet and muddy people, plus a fine sailing vessel can be seen here:

Next event is October 9 – details to follow.

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