Volunteers from Cardiff Rivers Group showed their commitment to improving the city’s environment on Sunday as they braved the cold weather to carry out their first event of 2012.  Photos can be viewed here
Following the winter floods, the riverbanks through Bute Park had become festooned with rubbish that has washed downstream, and so become a real eyesore in this beautiful city centre park.  With the permission and support of Cardiff County Council’s Parks Department, the team selected this stretch of river for their first project of the year. 
28 volunteers gave up their Sunday morning to tackle the problem, and together the team collected 40 bags of rubbish, a bike, trolley, roadside barriers, football and a Barbie doll! All rubbish was disposed of by Cardiff County Council’s Parks Department. 
Louise Tambini, of Cardiff Rivers Group said, “It was great to see so many volunteers turn up today. They worked really hard, in freezing conditions, to remove lots of waste from the riverbanks”
“What was lovely to see was the amount of praise, thanks and support we received from passers-by. Over 25 people stopped to have a chat and thank us for our efforts, and 6 people even signed up to join our group! It’s really encouraging to see that so many park users are grateful for our hard work, and when they take the time to thank us, it provides a great boost to all the volunteers” she added.

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