CRG in only collecting one can shock!

The World of rubbish collecting was left in shock yesterday when it was revealed that the 20 volunteers from Cardiff Rivers Group spent two hours on the banks of the river Ely, but only managed to retrieve one drink can between them.

The can, manufactured by the Coca Cola company, was later removed from the site and disposed of in a handy recycling bin.

Other volunteers spent the two hours removing invasive Himalayan Balsam from the area (the real purpose of this clean-up). The area had been previously tackled by school groups organised by Keep Wales Tidy. This previous work had greatly reduced the amount of Balsam in the area and massive improvements could be seen.  However, there was still plenty there for CRG to tackle and at the end of two hours several large piles of the weed had been established.

The balsam is an invasive species that can outgrow and kill native vegetation, the simplest way of removing it is to gently pull it out by the root and pile it up. Find out more about how to identify and control it here:

FAQs about other common invasive species can also be found here:

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