Wharf tales: clearing the feeder

Cardiff Rivers Group returned to the feeder channel in Atlantic Wharf on the weekend to finish the job they started last month. Pics can be seen here
At the bequest of Associated British Ports (ABP) who control the flow of water to the docks, the volunteers worked downstream from Tyndall Street to clear rubbish that had built up over years along with invasive plants and vegetation that was blocking the channel.
16 volunteers donned waders and boots, saws and grappling hooks for to clear van loads of vegetation and rubbish. The rubbish included 4 tyres, a TV, plastics, carpet, bathroom suite and a large pallet trolley! Rubbish was removed by Cardiff Council. ABP commented that they had noticed increased flow of water into the dock as a direct result of the work.
Nigel Barry, Secretary of Cardiff Rivers Group commented “A day after the clean-up, I visited the site. Whilst taking ‘after’ photos, a kingfisher flew through the bridge which would have been previously impossible due to the vegetation barrier. After a few more minutes, several Mallard ducks landed in the water and swam upstream, followed by a Yellow wagtail who could be seen wading across the heavy weed. Witnessing this reminded me of why I give my time and effort to the Cardiff Rivers Group; the group combines my interests in wildlife, with my passion for tidying mess caused by other people”.
The outcome of which is a better city for everyone to enjoy, which makes the whole thing extremely worthwhile” he added.
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