First CRG event of 2013: Tyndall Street Feeder

Happy New Year/Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Some details from Dave on the first clean-up event of the New Year, which is this Sunday, 13th January at the old dock feeder off Tyndall Street/Bute Terrace.

Matt and Dave met with Associated British Ports yesterday morning to look at the feeder from Tyndall Street back upstream towards the Big Sleep Hotel. This is across the road from where we undertook the two events last year to clear the encroaching trees/budlea.  ABP are very keen for us to tackle this. A skip will be delivered this week for us to deposit all the rubbish and this will be alongside the feeder, thus we will not need to transport any rubbish very far with exception of any scrap that we will need to carry back over the road to the secure compound where the trailer will be. Feeder will be shut off on Friday and so should be pretty low. We spotted a couple of places where we can gain access to feeder easily enough.
Suggest meeting at 9-45 for a 10am start in Brigantine Place (same location as last two events) where we can park cars and then transport what we need across the road to clean up site. If anyone arrives late then park up, turn right at the feeder and walk towards main road where they will see us across the road. We will need several people in the feeder, rest will then load skip up and litter pick along edge of feeder and along path of Brigantine Place that is a bit of a mess. Although murky we saw a couple of lorry tyres in there, cones, pallet, plastic barriers in there. Bound to be lots more.

Matt and Dave are going to tackle the waders Wednesday and will aim to buy a few more pairs for sizes we haven’t got by weekend.
Also the Friends of Bute Park are having a litterpick on Saturday morning around Blackweir. Awaiting some final details but I said we would advertise that one as well. Dave will be going along and lending them our litter pickers, hoops etc. Will pass on details as soon as we have them.
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