A sunny day in the Bay!

Got one!

A great event was held by the double-award winning Cardiff Rivers Group in Cardiff Bay today.
21 volunteers enjoyed a glorious spring day in the sunshine as they descended like a swarm of locusts on Hamadrayad Park, stripping it clean of litter and waste.
The happy band of volunteers collected a staggering 69 bags of rubbish (24 of which were recycled) in 2 hours. They also gathered traffic cones, wooden pallets, 5 gallon plastic drums and a range of other weird and wonderful items that had washed down the River Taff.  
More photos can be seen here.
All waste will be collected by Cardiff Council Parks Services.
Louise said, “Weird as it sounds, it really is a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Walking around a beautiful area in the sunshine whilst helping to restore it to its natural beauty truly is a very rewarding experience!
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