Next CTS event: Hamadryad Park, Cardiff Bay Sat 20th July

In association with Keep Wales Tidy’s Yellow Fish Campaign, Cardiff Trail Scrubs will be meeting at 10am at the Entrance to Hamadryad Park in Cardiff Bay to raise awareness about the damage caused by pouring oils, paints, solvents, chemicals or dirty water down highway gullies or surface drains. These drains will ultimately enter watercourses and toxic waste liquids poured down drains can seriously affect your local environment.

The aim is to spray paint the Yellow Fish Symbol around that area, along with putting up several flyers and of course giving the green spaces a litter pick. This might mean there will be a fair amount of walking involved but we’ll spilt the group up with different tasks to take on.

As always, equipment and insurance will be provided, please bring along sturdy shoes, big strong muscles and a raincoat just in case.
A map will be created over the coming days, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of our event.
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