Santa Claus comes to town! CRG fill 45 sacks on festive clean-up

Yesterday, Cardiff residents watched in amazement as lots of ‘Santas’ swapped sacks of presents for sacks of rubbish as they cleaned up the Dock Feeder that runs behind the Park Plaza Hotel.

23 volunteers from Cardiff Rivers Group donned Santa suits and spent 2 hours clambering up the steep banks to collect all the litter that has been carelessly disposed of by passers-by.  Together they gathered a staggering 45 bags of waste, as well as a pair of crutches, traffic cones and a trolley.  All waste was disposed of by Cardiff Parks Services.

Pics can be seen here and a festive video can be seen here.

Some valuable items were also found, including 2 purses and 3 mobile phones which were handed in to the local police. Santa came early for one lucky Cardiff resident, Luke Vick who had an early Christmas present as he was reunited with his iphone5 after losing it on Saturday night.  Luke said, “I am delighted and relieved that my phone has been returned safely. I lost the phone in the City Centre near the train station nowhere near where it was found, so am a very lucky chap! I suspect the phone was stolen and later discarded when the robber found that it was protected by a PIN code”.

Luke said that he didn’t have any money on him for a reward, but was reassured that that it was all in a day’s work for the Cardiff Rivers Group!

The hungry Santas were rewarded for their efforts by Park Plaza Hotel Cardiff who provided lunch after the event.

New volunteer, Alison Morse said, ”I thoroughly enjoyed my first volunteering project with Cardiff Rivers Group and would recommend it to everyone. Not only did we make a huge difference to the feeder, but I found some valuables which were returned to their rightful owners just in time for Christmas. The event has given me a real feel-good factor and I am delighted that we had such an impact. I shall certainly be joining more projects in 2014!”

Cardiff Rivers Group are supported by Keep Wales Tidy and the Tidy Towns initiative that is funded by Welsh Government. If you would like to get involved, please contact Louise Tambini,

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