CRG Record Breakers – 32 volunteers at our BT event

On Friday, the 11th of July, 22 BT volunteers spent one of their BT Volunteering days taking part in an event hosted by the Cardiff Rivers Group.

Supported by 10 volunteers from the Cardiff Rivers Group, the team’s target was to clean-up the River Taff and the Blackweir, Bute Park and Pontcanna field areas in advance of the Charity race over the weekend.

The total team of 32 volunteers was a record breaker from a Cardiff Rivers Group perspective.

The weather had been kind and as a result, the River Taff was low, revealing a number of unsightly objects. The haul from the river included 3 shopping trolleys, several traffic cones, road signs, barriers and tyres.

The biggest find in the river was an artificial cricket pitch, which measured 25m * 1.5m rubber mat which was 3/4” thick. It weighed a ton and took 5 volunteers to get it out of the river and another 8 to haul it up the bank into the waiting Cardiff Parks Services tipper truck.

Meanwhile, the army of volunteers on dry land, collected tons of rubbish from the surrounding areas, yanked out huge patches of Himalayan Balsam and made a vast difference to this popular, picturesque part of the Taff trial.

The fish pass, which always looks a mess from the bridge, had a facelift from a small group of volunteers who beavered away to clear away the tangled debris.

In all, two truck-loads of rubbish were collected with one truck load being removed by 11:30 on the day, minimising the impact to the regular users of the Taff trail.

Sue Jones, BT organiser said “This was an amazing event and I feel really thrilled to have been able to improve one of Cardiff’s top beauty spots. I am really proud that working for BT gives us the opportunity to help the community via volunteering. I would like to give my thanks to all the BT volunteers who spent their volunteering day supporting this worthwhile event and, to the Cardiff Rivers Group, for organising the day and helping to make it such an enjoyable and memorable experience for us all.”

Cardiff Rivers Group would like to thank BT for the opportunity to run their event and for providing such a huge number of volunteers and also to Cardiff Parks Services for their support with this event.

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