Next CRG event: Down on the farm, Saturday 11th October

For our next event, Cardiff Rivers Group will be doing something a little different and hopefully, will have something for everyone !
We are going to help the Forest Farm Rangers with a spot of reed management in their ponds as well as a general litter pick of the area.
For those that like getting wet, their main activity will be to improve the habitat of the pond by clearing predominately reeds. This will entail some cutting, pulling, raking and moving them to the sides.
From there, those providing support from the bank will shift the reeds to an appropriate location to rot down to form new habitats for the wildlife.
For those who specialise in litter picking, the surrounding area around the ponds should be “relatively” clean so to find some good pickings, we may need to stray on to the Taff trial  and the banks of the River Taff assuming that the water level remains low.
The rangers recommended that the best place to meet is at the Forest Farm buildings itself at end of Forest Farm Road.
This is literally 50 yards from the car park shown on the map below.
We will then gather up tools and equipment from the truck and head off to the ponds.
If anyone fancies a pint afterwards, there are plenty of rugby clubs nearby that would welcome our business.
Meet time:         09:45
Event Time:        10:00-12:00
Day:                       Saturday
Date:                     11/10/2014
Meet:                   Either in the Forest farm car park or outside the Forest farm buildings (50m away)
Parking:               Forest farm car park as shown on the map below.
 forest farm map
Look out for the truck with the CRG logo.
Please check the weather forecast and if appropriate, bring waterproof clothing in case of wet weather.
Please let me know if you can make it so we can gauge the numbers.
Come with us and ‘Make a difference!’.
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