CRG Celebrates Its Century In Style

From the Group’s humble start back in 2009, five years on, we’ve finally done it and achieved the major landmark of 100 events!

To celebrate our ton-up, we will be litter picking the beach area alongside the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay. This is an area we tackled a year ago, so know how messy it gets. The water level will be dropped to expose more of the beach. Following Harbour Authority guidance, for Health and Safety reasons, we won’t be entering the water.

After the event, we’ll be having refreshments and a piece of the “100th Event” cake.

We are hoping for media coverage of our event. Firstly, the “Made In Cardiff” film crew may be accompanying us to show what we do on their local TV station. BBC Wales will also be contacted to see if on Friday the 30th, the weather person covering that night can advertise our event and give us the weather we can expect. Perhaps Wynn Evans from Radio Wales can mention our event on his ‘Big Welsh weekend’ where he advertises  events in the principality. Paulus, one of our regular volunteers, will also be busy which his camera, interviewing and taking sound bytes to create his own video to celebrate the event.

Messy beach, iconic Cardiff attraction, cake, media coverage, what more could we ask for?

For those unfamiliar with the area, see the map below. The postcode is CF10 4GA.


Time:                     10:00-12:00

Date:                     Saturday 31st January

Meeting time:  09:45

Parking:               Wherever you can!

Look out for the purple truck with the CRG logo parked opposite Univar.

Please check the weather forecast and if appropriate, bring waterproof clothing in case of wet weather.

Please let me know if you can make it so we can gauge the numbers.

Come with us and ‘Make a difference!’

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