Event 118: Pentwyn

On Sunday 6 December over 20 volunteers took part in a wide-ranging clear-up around the Pentwyn leisure centre.

A large amount of litter and debris was cleared from the stream behind the leisure centre, which flows down into the Rhymney. Litter removed included three shopping trolleys, two bicycles, a green recycling bin (no, really), and an artificial Christmas Tree, including lights (not working).

2012-12-06 bikes and bin

Several blockages, formed by fallen trees and branches, were also cleared, helping the stream flow more freely.

2012-12-06 stream blockage

And a huge amount of litter was removed from the vicinity — not only the usual  bottles, cans, crisp packets and such-like, but also some sacks full of domestic waste (including soiled nappies!) that were dumped next to a public footpath rather than being disposed of responsibly.

In total there was enough rubbish to fill two flat-bed trucks.

2012-12-06 litter in trucks

All-in-all, an extremely worthwhile two hours of work… followed by a well-deserved pint!

2012-12-06 well-deserved pints

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