Event 124: Radyr Weir

On Saturday 2 April, 30 volunteers from Cardiff Rivers Group spent a morning cleaning the ‘beach’ below the new hydro scheme in Radyr and the start of the Melingriffith feeder canal.

The work was made much easier thanks to the  kind loan of a ‘groundhog’ vehicle from Cardiff Council Parks department, which meant that volunteers did not have to haul the filled bags very far. They simply put them at various points along the path for the vehicle to pick up and transport to the collection point.

2016-04-02 Radyr Weir 2

Together they collected a staggering 74 bags of rubbish, as well as many larger items such as cones, road barriers, etc. Photos can be seen here https://www.flickr.com/photos/47355989@N07/albums/72157664424189403

The trees and bushes on the beach was absolutely covered in sanitary products, meaning that it took literally hours to handpick each item off the branches. The volunteers would like to make a plea to people to bag it and bin it!

2016-04-02 Radyr Weir 4

Group member, Louise Tambini said,

“We urge people NOT to use their toilet as a wet bin! Please place all sanitary products, cotton buds, face wipes, etc, in your bathroom bin. People don’t seem to realise that all that waste just ends up on our rivers and beaches, making them look very unpleasant to look at. It is also very hard work indeed to pick each individual item off the overhanging branches”. 

The volunteers also enjoyed a sneak preview of the new hydro scheme before it gets opened later this month.

2016-04-02 Radyr Weir 3

The next event is on Saturday 23 April when CRG will be working at Rover Way as part of Keep Wales Tidy’s ‘Clean Coast Week’.

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