CRG Volunteers waiting to go into action

Event 147: Pre-Champions League Clean-Up (27 May 2017)

35 volunteers, 2 kayakers (and 6 dogs) took part in a clean-up of the River Taff and surrounding area through the city centre yesterday in preparation for the thousands of visitors that are expected to the capital city next weekend for the Champions League final.

The team split up to clean the area from Castle Street bridge right up to Blackweir.  Some donned waders to remove rubbish from the river itself, whilst others tackled litter in overhanging branches from their kayaks.

Two volunteers removing rubbish from the Taff

One team headed north to the fields near Blackweir where they found hundreds of bottles, disposable BBQs and cans that had been discarded by people enjoying BBQs in Fridays sunshine.

Discarded bbqs and bottles

More photos can be seen on our Flickr page.

Group member, Louise Tambini, said,

“We are so lucky to live in the beautiful city of Cardiff, rich with Green Spaces. It is great that people come out in the sunshine to enjoy the wonderful parks, and good to see that the majority of people did try to put their waste in or near bins.

However, there was  lot of waste discarded irresponsibly. If only everyone who enjoyed the parks disposed of their waste correctly. A number of bins had obviously caught fire and patches of grass had been burnt, so I plea to people to act responsibly and ensure you do not damage the park in any way”

“We are proud of our city and want it to look its best for locals and visitors alike”, she added.  

All waste was immediately removed by Cardiff Council Parks Services.

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