Event 163: River Rhymney at Lamby Way (31 March 2018)

Over 50 volunteers gave up their Easter Saturday morning to tackle just one bend on the River Rhymney where thousands of plastic bottles and lots of other waste had been washed up.

But in less than 2 hours, the CRG litter locusts completely cleared the area!

It was easily our biggest haul of rubbish yet.

In total 10 trailer loads were removed from the river bank, avoiding considerable pollution, especially from containers of engine oil and building-site crash bags full of polystyrene (the long green bags you see in the photos).

And the detailed results are:

  • Plastics for recycling by KWT/Terracycle: 150 bags
  • Hard plastics for recycling: 6 sacks, plus a 1 cubic meter water bowser, 4 large barrels, 8 traffic cones, chair, table top
  • Mixed recycling (glass, cans): 25 bags plus 1 sack of plastic bottles
  • 10 car wheels/tyres
  • 14 gas bottles
  • 2 fire extinguishers
  • 2 fridges
  • 2 fridge-freezers
  • General rubbish for incineration: 60 bags, plus 5 full sacks
  • 2 bags just full of footballs
  • 10 eight-foot building site crash mats filled with polystyrene (two beginning to split), which were dumped in River Rumney last September
  • 2 containers of engine oil
  • Miscellaneous wood including a ladder

Key: bag = dustbin/recycling type bag (approx 50 litres)
sack = builders rubble/sand sack (approx. 1 cubic metre)

All waste was ferried back to Lamby Way for recycling or safe disposal by Cardiff Council.

Thanks to Natural Resources Wales who bought us some new litter-picking kit — just in time!

And what a difference the team made!

Lots more photos on our Flickr page.

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