Event 169: River Rhymney at Ball Lane (7 July 2018)

Around 60 volunteers, of all ages, turned out on a very hot and sunny Saturday morning (7 July) to tackle the River Rhymney at Ball Lane, Llanrumney.

Together they filled three Cardiff Council trucks with rubbish.

The main haul was 14 large crash bags, which had been “removed” from a building site upstream to be used as makeshift rafts, and then left in the river.

The bags — each 2m long — are filled with tens of thousands of polystyrene packing pieces. That’s not a real problem if the bags are intact, but unfortunately several of them had got ripped, releasing many thousands of bits of polystyrene into the river.

Whatever hadn’t already gone down to the sea had been trapped by trailing branches or other obstructions, or else had been deposited on various gravel ‘beaches’ as the river level dropped in the current prolonged dry spell.

Thankfully, CRG volunteers were up to the challenge, and many of them spent the morning picking up thousands of pieces of polystyrene by hand.

Also removed from the river were 2 shopping trolleys, 2 traffic cones, various tyres, a blow-up mattress, a garden chair, a kid’s bike, some sort of wooden ‘sled’, a rubber dinghy, and a bath tub.

All the scrap metal recovered will be recycled via our sponsor EMR Metal Recycling.

More photos are available on our Flickr page.

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