Event 178: Grangemoor Park (24 November 2018)

Thirty-one volunteers spent a rather overcast (though thankfully dry) Saturday morning, 24 November, working hard to tidy up Grangemoor Park and the surrounding area.

Half of the volunteers litter-picked the park and neighbouring retail estate — always somewhere in need of attention, given the proximity of fast-food outlets.

The other half endeavoured to save a pond which is gradually being choked by excessive vegetation.

As you can see in the photos below, since just after Grangemoor Park was opened in 2000, the pond has filled-in more than somewhat with reeds and other grasses.

So the volunteers spent 2 hours pulling reeds and bulrushes, and cutting down encroaching scrub, in an attempt to maintain an important habitat. Tiring work!

The pulled-up reeds and cut scrub were left as ‘habitat piles’ — handy for overwintering insects, and creatures that need to hibernate, such as grass-snakes.

All the litter and rubbish collected was removed by Cardiff Council.

More photos on our Flickr page.

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