Event 180: Hamadryad Park (22 December 2018)

35 volunteers attended our last event of 2018, on Saturday 22 December, and wow, did they make a difference!

Together, in just 2 hours, they collected 180 bags of rubbish (mostly plastic drinks bottles), 18 plastic ducks, 16 traffic cones, 9 tyres, 2 road barriers and lots more miscellaneous stuff!

Volunteers braved the chilly water to remove the rubbish, most of which would otherwise end up breaking down into micro-plastic pollution — which then gets ingested by wildlife — or be washed down into the bay by storm water and potentially ending up in the sea.

One of our members, Chris Hackett, is currently in hospital recuperating from an operation, so the team donned masks to show him we were thinking of him!

What a great way to finish 2018!

There’s some drone footage of the event:

And there are more photos on our Flickr page.

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