Event 181: Hamadryad Park revisited (5 January 2019)

To kick off the new year’s activities, we returned to Hamadryad Park on Saturday 5th January to carry on the job we began before Christmas.

63 volunteers got stuck into the reeds to continue the mammoth task. The freezing weather did not deter them as they scoured the area for two hours, collecting lots more rubbish to add to the 180 bags they collected just two weeks ago.

Together the team gathered another 140 bags of waste! The haul included hundreds of plastic drinks bottles, fast-food wrappers, cuddly toys (not-so-cuddly after spending months in the Taff), gas canisters, road barriers, plastic pipes, footballs and a load more plastic ducks! All waste will be collected by Cardiff Council.

Committee member, Louise Tambini, said,

“When we formed the group in 2009 we had no idea that we would still be active 10 years later, and it’s now stronger than ever! We have new volunteers at every event and now have over 550 subscribers on our event mailing list. This is beyond anything we could have dreamed of.

“I know it is a shame that groups like ours need to exist to deal with rubbish that is left by irresponsible people, but when we are on a clean-up we have such fun together. Spending time in the outdoors, in often very beautiful surroundings, with like-minded people, is a great way to spend a morning. Litter-picking can be very rewarding, both physically and mentally, and is a great way to meet new people and do some exercise.”  h

It was also the first official event where our new boat was used and very useful it was, too, enabling volunteers to reach litter in deeper water and places inaccessible from the shoreline. We’re very grateful to EMR Metal Recycling, Viridor, Welsh Water/Dwr Cymru and the Cardiff YMCA (1910) Trust, who provided the funding to enable us to purchase the boat, motor and trailer, and to train volunteers in the safe use of the boat.

What a great way to start the New Year. Thanks to all our regulars and a big welcome to all the new faces!

More photos on our Flickr page.

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