Event 189: Hendre Lake (3 March 2019)

25 Volunteers spent an extremely soggy Sunday morning clearing rubbish from Hendre lake, its banks, the surrounding paths, and the streams and reens that flow into and out of the lake.

The regular volunteers were joined by lots of welcome new faces, including local residents and Cardiff councillors.

The team removed lots of litter, miscellaneous large metal items, several tyres and, disappointingly, lots of angling-related debris, such as fishing line and empty bait packets. There were also a lot of discarded cigarette butts around the various fishing platforms.

Annoyingly, quite a lot of rubbish on the edge of the lake — drinks cans, camping-stove canisters, food tins, etc — couldn’t be picked up as it was trapped in thick brambles, and will have to wait until they can be cut back.

The rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of the soaked volunteers, who went for a well-deserved drink afterwards to congratulate each other on a job well done!

More photos on our Flickr page.
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