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Litter Locusts

Cardiff Rivers Group transformed Parc Tredelerch on Saturday from an area strewn with litter to a spotless area of beauty.

The 20 volunteers were like a team of locusts as they moved through the park picking up every piece of litter. They collected a staggering 68 bags of litter in 2 hours! Photos can be seen here.

Much of the litter was collected from the high water mark above the banks of the River Rhymney, where a huge amount of plastic bottles had been deposited.

All rubbish was disposed of by Cardiff Council Park services today.

Chris Hackett, the group’s Social secretary said, “This event was extremely satisfying indeed. Seeing everyone pulling together and working so hard to clean this park is quite overwhelming. What else would you rather do on a Saturday?!”

Cardiff Rivers Group is lucky enough to have lots of dedicated volunteers, all of whom give up their time for a wide variety of reasons.

What makes you volunteer?

Group member Lynne Williams has written a story –  please have a read. It is a great example of the benefits of volunteering. If you would like to write your own personal story then we would love to hear from you!

Cardiff Rivers Group are supported by Keep Wales Tidy and the Tidy Towns initiative that is funded by Welsh Government. If you would like to get involved, please contact Louise Tambini,