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Event 171: River Ely at Ely Bridge (4 August 2018)

45 enthusiastic volunteers from CRG, the local community and South Wales Police collected a huge amount of litter and rubbish from the river Ely and surrounding areas at Ely bridge on the morning of Saturday 4 August.

The haul included:

60 bags of miscellaneous litter
An astonishing 15 bikes/scooters
2 gas fires + some sort of gas heater
A cigarette vending machine…

Cigarette machine removed from the river Ely.

… 1 shopping trolley
A computer monitor
Exercise stepper
TV tube
Desktop computer case
A huge piece of curved sheet metal…

Huge piece of curved sheet metal
… Lots of cable sheathing
A very long piece of metal wire
2 traffic cones
2 traffic barriers
Various bits of steel mesh
Lots of assorted pieces of metal (pipes, angle iron, architectural iron-work)

Assorted rubbish removed from the river

Metal will be recycled via our sponsor EMR Metal Cycling and other rubbish was collected by Cardiff Council.

More photos in our Flickr album.