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Event 191: Cath Cobb Woods, St Mellons (23 March 2019)

As part of Keep Wales Tidy’s ‘Spring Clean Cymru’ campaign, 34 volunteers from Cardiff Rivers Group spent 2 hours removing litter and waste from Cath Cobb woods and stream in St Mellons.

Sadly, this lovely habitat was full of litter and waste.


The volunteers collected an amazing 86 bags of rubbish, plus many larger items, including 6 shopping trolleys, 3 bikes, bits of metal fencing, a wheelchair, a pushchair, several footballs and some car tyres.

The team even found a packet of ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ crisps from 1992, which shows just how long litter can stick around.

Who you gonna call? Cardiff Rivers Group!

A number of volunteers spent the whole 2 hours removing rubbish-filled blockages from various parts of the stream to allow it to flow freely again.

A great morning’s work by everyone who came along!


The waste will be collected and disposed of by Cardiff Council.

More photos on Flickr.