Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!) about Cardiff Rivers Group.  If you have a question that’s not answered here, please contact us.

What does Cardiff Rivers Group do?

What we do can vary from event to event, and can be dependent on the time of year (eg, if it’s nesting season for birds), but it can include:

  • Tackling litter and waste on paths next to watercourses.
  • Removal of rubbish from rivers, streams and ponds.
  • Clearing blockages and improving water flow.
  • Habitat management, such as cutting back overhanging trees that collect water-borne debris and reduce light, and helping to control invasive species like Himalayan Balsam.

How do I join Cardiff Rivers Group?

Just come along to any of our events!  There are no forms to fill in and everyone’s welcome.

What do I need to wear?

We often work in wet and muddy conditions, so please wear sensible footwear — eg, stout shoes, boots or wellies — and clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Long sleeves/trousers can also be a good idea, as there are often nettles around.

For the more adventurous, who’d like to really get into the water, we usually have a few pairs of chest-waders* available to borrow (plus buoyancy-aids, for safety).
* which may or may not leak a bit.

We provide all the tools and safety equipment required — eg, gloves, litter-pickers, bags, hoops, safety glasses, etc.

Given that we’re in Wales, it’s always sensible to bring something waterproof, in case it rains.  And if you’re planning on coming to the pub afterwards — a regular post-event activity — even a change of clothes (or at least a clean t-shirt) might be useful.

How physical is it?

As much or as little as you want, from picking up drinks bottles and crisp packets, to digging lorry wheels out of river beds — it all makes a difference!

What time do events start?

The vast majority of our events start at 09:45 on a Saturday or Sunday morning. All events start with a safety briefing, so we’d strongly advise that you get there for that.

How long do events last?

We work for 2 hours. So, after the safety briefing at 09:45, and getting kitted-up as required, the event proper would start at 10:00 and run until 12:00.

Do I have to stay to the end?

No, of course not.  You need only stay as long as you want.  But, if you decide to leave early, please return any equipment to the CRG truck and tell someone you’re going, so we don’t worry!

Can children come to events?

Children are very welcome, but under-16s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/responsible adult.

Can dogs come to events?

Dogs are welcome, so long as they’re well-behaved, of course. Dogs that like to help are especially welcome.

Who should I report rubbish to?

  • A lone object — eg, a traffic cone, tyre, or pallet that has been dumped in a river or stream — can be reported via our Masked Avenger service
  • Abandoned shopping trolleys can be reported using the Trolleywise app (iPhone and Android)
  • Fly-tipping should be reported to Cardiff Council.

Can my business or organisation come along to an event?

Yes, of course!  We don’t organise specific events for businesses or other organisations, but groups from them are very welcome to come along to any event.

Please see our Policy on Working with Businesses and Other Organisations for full details.

Does CRG do talks for schools or other organisations?

We’re a completely voluntary group, with limited resources, and many of us have regular commitments.  We regret, therefore, that we have a very limited capacity to do talks.