It’s No Laughing Matter

When doing his regular litter-pick of Canal Park on Sunday morning (2 August), Dave King found rather more than he expected — over 700 little silver canisters.

The canisters contained ‘laughing gas’ (nitrous oxide). People buy the canisters and then transfer the contents into a larger container (usually a balloon),  from which they then inhale.

Laughing gas can produce a short-lived feeling of mild euphoria and fits of the giggles (hence the name). However, it can also result headaches and nausea. And if you inhale too much at one time,  it can cause unconsciousness or even death through suffocation .

The canisters are sold for catering purposes — eg, to charge whipped-cream machines —  but it’s illegal to supply them (ie, to sell or even just give them away) for human consumption.

After tweeting about his find, Dave was contacted by news outlets and ended up on both BBC and ITV television news, and was featured in two online articles.

BBC News

ITV News

ITV News article
More than 700 cannisters of laughing gas found at one Cardiff Park   (And yes, they do spell canister with two ‘n’s.)

Wales Online articleHundreds of ‘laughing gas’ canisters found in just one Cardiff park



CRG Events Cancelled Until Further Notice

Following the government announcements about COVID-19 (coronavirus) yesterday (Monday 16 March), Cardiff Council has asked organisations to cancel all group litter picks and similar events.

Consequently, all CRG events are cancelled until further notice.

We obviously have no idea how long these measures will last, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have events back up and running. There will be plenty to do!

In the meantime, take care of yourselves, your families and your communities.

What CRG’s Done Since Storm Dennis (So Far!)

Just over two weeks ago, Storm Dennis hit South Wales and turned the Taff into a raging torrent, washing tonnes of rubbish and debris onto parks and fields along its banks, and down into the bay.

CRG’s volunteers have responded just as wonderfully you might expect!

First was an event at Blackweir, Pontcanna Fields and Bute Park on Sunday 23rd February, when an amazing 132 people turned out, including numerous family groups. Together, they collected hundreds of bags of waste from the field, woods and banks of the Taff.


The riverbanks were absolutely covered in single-use plastics (eg, wet wipes, sanitary products), as well as lots of much-larger items, such as bins, cones, pallets and tyres, many of which were lodged above head height in the trees!

It was a really fabulous event, which showed the great community spirit of the people of Cardiff.

More photos of this event on Flickr.

Thanks to Whitchurch Builders Supplies for donating rubble sacks,  Keep Wales Tidy for lending extra equipment and Cardiff Council for collecting the rubbish.

Then, on Wednesday 26th February, over 25 volunteers descended on Hamadryad Park to make a start on clearing up the rubbish that ended up in the bay.


Despite the fact that over 80 bags of rubbish were collected in just two hours, it actually wasn’t as bad as we had feared it would be.

Unfortunately, that’s not the good news it might seem, as it means most of the rubbish has ended up around the edges of the bay — eg, at Mermaid Quay and Dr Who Beach.

Our next event is this Wednesday, 4th March, at Trenchard Drive Llanishen.

And we’ll be holding more events to Clean-Up Cardiff after Storm Dennis in the coming weeks and months (yes, sadly, it’s going to take that long), so keep an eye on the Upcoming Events page on our website, our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Thanks again to everyone who’s turned out so far!

Faendre Reen, St Mellons (26 January 2020)

On Sunday 26 January, 51 volunteers from CRG and St Mellons Clean Up braved heavy rain and made a huge, and much-needed, difference to Faendre Reen and its surroundings, in St Mellons.

Together, they collected an incredible haul: over 130 bags of litter, at least 7 scooters, 2 kids bikes, 2 tricycles, 2 TVs, a hoover, a steam cleaner, several wet and heavy mattresses…

… a double headboard, numerous broken cupboards and doors, a bathtub, an ironing board, a keyboard, miscellaneous scrap…

… a 13 year old crisp packet, a traffic cone and a few (now not-so) cuddly toys. We even found Nemo!

You could pretty much furnish a house with what we found (although you wouldn’t want to live in it).

Many thanks to everyone who turned out, especially in such miserable weather!

And our thanks to Cardiff Council’s waste management team for collecting all the rubbish so promptly.

Lots more photos in our Flickr album.

10 Years of Making A Difference!

Here’s what we achieved with your help!


Volunteers 4,973
Events 218
Hours 10,832.5
Locations Approx. 41 different sites
Bags of Rubbish 7,242
Loose Rubbish 42.5 tonnes
Scrap Metal 112.5 tonnes
Tyres 553
Traffic Cones 266
Shopping Trolleys 256
Bicycles 123
Motorbikes 22
Himalayan Balsam Bashing 19 Events

(It’s actually 10 years and 9 months, from 1st April 2009 to 31st December 2019, but just “10 years” sounds snappier.)

River Rhymney at Lamby Way (12 October 2019)

For their Marine Clean Cymru event, 24 volunteers (and two dogs) from CRG returned to the foreshore of the River Rhymney at Lamby Way, which they cleaned for the first time in March 2018.

They were pleased (and relieved!) to see rather less rubbish than last year, but were still confronted with a big task.

Undaunted, they eagerly set to work.

The variety of items found was generally as predictable as ever — predominantly plastic drinks bottles and other plastic containers, plus plastic straws, miscellaneous household items, plastic ducks (several of which still had the number on from the “duck race” they’d been used for), gas bottles…
… thousands of bits of polystyrene packing, lots of footballs, children’s toys (including three large ‘ride-in’ cars), and a few large items (like fridges).
A mere 2 hours later the foreshore had been cleared of over 850kg of waste, including 50 bags of plastic bottles and 48 bags of general rubbish.

All plastics were recycled in Lamby Way Recycling Centre and all metal will be weighed-in by CRG as scrap.

Thanks to everyone who came along to help!

More photos on Flickr!

Dr Who Beach

Important Information — Please Read!

Our first priority is the safety of all volunteers who attend an event, so you will notice some changes to the way they will be run for the foreseeable future.

All participants must book a free place using the ‘RSVP’ section further down this page (look for a green ‘CONFIRM RSVP’ button). You will get a ticket by email — please bring a copy of it with you (eg, printed or on your phone).  If you do not have a booking, you won’t be allowed to take part in the event.

By booking a place, you and anyone you book for agree to follow CRG’s health and safety guidelines (which include everything on this page), and to follow Welsh Government’s 2m social distancing guidelines and all other restrictions that may be in force at the time the event takes place. (See Welsh Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) information.)

If you book a place, please turn up, or you’ll be depriving another volunteer of the chance. If you or anyone you book for, need to cancel your booking, please let us know (just reply to the ticket email you received when you booked or use our ‘contact’ form).

Please DO NOT attend the event if you:

  • Feel unwell in any way on the day
  • Are in a period of self-isolation
  • Have developed any of the following symptoms in the previous seven days:
    • A high temperature
    • A new, continuous cough
    • Loss of, or change to, your sense of taste and/or smell

You MUST notify CRG if any of the following arise in the 14 days following an event that you have attended:

  • you receive a positive test for COVID-19
  • you develop any of the symptoms listed above
  • you have to go into a period of self-isolation because either you or members of your household have developed symptoms and/or had a positive test for COVID-19

Booking details will be retained for 21 days after the event, in case we need to contact people about any suspected Covid-19 infection.

A full risk assessment has been completed, and a full health and safety briefing will take place before the event starts.

All equipment, bags, etc, will be provided by CRG. Hand sanitizer will be available and all equipment will be sanitized before and after use. If you have your own equipment — gloves, litter-picker, hoop, etc — please bring them! Gloves will be available, which you will keep afterwards, so they won’t get used by anyone else.

Thanks for reading the above — it’s important.

Event Information

On the afternoon of Friday 18th September, we’re running our first post-lockdown event at Dr Who Beach, at the end of Porth Teigr Way, in Cardiff Bay.

The event is a partnership between CRG, the Marine Conservation Society, Cardiff Council and Cardiff Harbour Authority.

In addition, the First Minister, Mark Drakeford, will be in attendance from 2pm-2:30pm.

The last time we were at Dr Who Beach was 22nd December 2019, so it’s understandably in an pretty bad way.

The focus of this event will be to retrieve as much recycling as possible.

Suitable footwear — strong boots or wellingtons — is essential. If you’re unsteady on your feet, please give this event a miss, as the ground is very uneven.

Off-road parking will be available.

NB. Given the current Covid-19 situation, please bear in mind that it may be necessary to revise or cancel this event at the last moment. Thanks for your understanding!