Iona Gordon

Why did you join Cardiff Rivers Group? 

I am not sure how I heard about it, but I am a local Labour Councillor representing Riverside ward.

Please tell us your story!             

I join in whenever the CRG crew are working on the banks of the Taff between Western Avenue and Wood Street bridge. I pick litter, cans and general garbage from the banks and the bits of Sophia Gardens that get missed by the Council.

What changes have you seen in your community as a result of your actions?      

The Taff banks are always cleaner and more attractive after a CRG event. People passing by are always pleased to see a local Councillor out with volunteers from the local community inspired to action by Cardiff Rivers Group team.

Why do you enjoy volunteering with CRG?         

I have met lots of amazing ‘womble minded’ people — a great range — who I generally get to meet properly in the pub afterwards as picking up the garbage is more solitary.

What advice, hints or tips you would give to someone joining CRG?

Wrap up warm, wear old clothes, bring some money for a pint or coffee afterwards.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Well done to all who organise and help and Cardiff Council for removing all the stuff collected.