Paul Twyman

Why did you join Cardiff Rivers Group?

I saw it on the internet somewhere (not sure where). Looked like a fun thing to do and a way to help improve our local environment and meet some new people.

Please tell us your story!

I’ve done just a few workdays so far, litter picking, clearing a culvert or two, wading in the mud at Forest Farm and clearing the canal there (great fun!). I’ve volunteered with Sustrans for about 5 years now and this seemed a great way to build on and extend that work.

What changes have you seen in your community as a result of your actions?

Not sure I’ve been around long enough to see any changes in others, but I pay more attention to waterways than before and have bought some waders for future CRG days.

Why do you enjoy volunteering with CRG?

Great outdoor exercise and great to see “before and after”. Wales has some wonderful scenery and it’s very rewarding to feel you’ve done even a little bit to help improve it and to encourage others to get out in the fresh air and enjoy it too.

What advice, hints or tips you would give to someone joining CRG?

Get some scruffy clothes and just turn up. There’s something for pretty much everyone, of every age and background.

Anything else you’d like to say?

I’m really glad I joined and plan to turn up much more frequently.